Electric Man 2 is a battling video game geared in the direction of teens, where you are a candidate as well as your function is to deal with to achieve an best goal of ending up being The Powerful Stickman Champion. You have to combat different fighters in the event until completion where you fight the unbeaten champion to take the title. You have to battle against various hosts of opponents on the event, where you could integrate martial arts, incredibly human powers as well as street battling to tackle your challengers. Likewise you can make use of some wonderful battling capacities like moving in slow-motion as well as using special bullet-time moves. However, in order to make your title of The Powerful Stickman Fighter you have to lastly combat as well as defeat the existing champion that has actually never ever been beaten on the previous fights.

Electric Man 2 enables you to select a stickman, offer it a color and a name. Once you select a difficulty level you could start the game. There is a life meter and also battery meter in the top left edge of the display which minimizes whenever you get hit. The life meter decreases every time you get hit as well as the battery meter minimizes when you make use of the sluggish motion relocations but gradually charges itself. As you play, you must examine battery degree meters as well as your life which shows up on the left side of the screen. Whenever you get struck by your opponent, the life meter goes down yet you can take advantage of your battery life, which must be full in order to enable you to pull out some special relocate to provide you even more power. You will certainly see that the battery goes out whenever you prefer to make use of the slow-motion moves and this would certainly make you be unable to earn usage of them eventually. Nonetheless, if the battery runs out it could be able to charge itself. Finally, if you wish to return later on to the Tournament you should keep the Save Code that you get after every fight which you have actually joined.

The computer animation of the Electric Man 2 is excellent and there are no lags. While you are playing you could appreciate techno music which truly functions to obtain the adrenaline going. Initially, you create the personalized stickman that you choose to utilize on the competition. Then pick a name and also the color you desire for your stickman. Ultimately, choose the level of trouble that you prefer.To control the video game ElectricMan 2 usage keys: “Left arrow – removal left”, “Right arrowhead – removal right”, “Down arrowhead– dodge”, “S” – Kick, “E” – Throw moves/Slow-motion, “A” – Punch actions, “D” – Grab/Throw relocations, “Q” – Slow-motion strike moves, “W” – Slow-motion kick actions, “D” – Throw/Grab moves. In verdict, the game representation and the background music make it fascinating and also great. This makes the game so pleasurable as well as habit forming to proceed playing. Electric Man 2 is a fun game that you will enjoy. You must absolutely attempt it.