Lordz.io is an amazing and addictive little RTS game that is focused on strategic and tactical gameplay.Similar to the other well-known .io games Lordz is played directly in the web browser and does not require downloads or emulators. It is possible to jump into the game within a matter of minutes!The game involves you building an army and directing them to take on your adversaries. You can form relationships with fellow gamers and collaborate to take on your common foe. It’s not something to take too seriously since it has some humor in it.Despite all the absurdity that is, the game remains extremely deep in terms of strategy.

You’ll create a massive number of soldiers (like literally dozens) and build an entire civilization. The game takes place during the middle ages, so you’ll be able to harvest gold to increase your base. It is possible to build houses or mage towers. You can even archery towers to protect your base.The gold mines are the sole source of currency. It must be built on the gold deposits that are scattered throughout the world. The more gold deposits you have the greater the cash flow you earn from gold. This means a higher output for your army which is crucial to winning battle!

Gold deposits aren’t just scattered around, though. They’re usually filled with other players and you’ll need to conquer them with the force of force. Build your army, and build an army and then strike the gold mine in order to take it.When you acquire it, it is yours, and you have to protect it. Naturally the more mines that you own , the greater your earnings. However, you must defend them all and pay troops to defend each of them.

If you play games where the mines have already been gone, you can earn money by taking the loot that is scattered throughout the map, and by taking out enemies!This gold-based income source is the most important. It can be used to build additional units or to expand your base. The first unit you build is weak soldiers that can be easy to kill and are frequently used as fodder from early in the game.

If you can climb the tech tree enough and you’ll have the ability to develop amazing units that resemble dragons (that are able to breathe fire). Each model comes with their own pros and cons , and it’s your responsibility to determine how they function and what they can be used to accomplish.Another thing that adds another element that makes Lordz.io distinct is the fact that every Army has its own general who is in charge of the army. If you defeat the general in the battle, you have the option of directing your entire force. That’s right. It’s like stealing their troops if your army is sufficiently large. This is the reason why a war could go in either direction.

Then there’s the feature of alliance. It is recommended to join with other players since it’s difficult to survive on your own. You can talk to others playing and create an organization to join, so that you can have friends to help in case you are threatened. This is particularly important in the beginning of the game.

You should also select an uncrowded server to increase your odds of winning as well as an even playing field with other players.

The game generally lends its an ear to massive armies. The players with the largest armies typically win, whether as a team or on their own.

You can get away with it with a tiny number of troops however, a large army almost always wins every time. It is important to be strategic with your troops, however- splitting moving and attacking when it is appropriate are essential to win the game.

Lordz.io is totally accessible for free and can play instantly in your web browser. Test it out if enjoy RTS games. It is a blend of strategy and the arcade Dynasty Warriors feeling. It’s an exciting game you don’t want to skip out on. It doesn’t require an account!